Susie Dunn
Crisis-Wiki Rachel-Taylor Susie-Dunn 01
First seen
Last seen
"World's Best Dad"
Appeared in
13 Episodes
Mentioned in
Also known as
Agent Susie Dunn
Meg Fitch (sister)
Amber Fitch (biological daughter / legal niece)
Portrayed by
Rachel Taylor

Agent Susie Dunn (Rachel Taylor) is a main character in the NBC series Crisis. She is an FBI agent assigned to the kidnapping case.


Agent Susie Dunn had a hard life. She grew up with her parents fighting a lot, and had a close relationship with sister Meg Fitch. At a young age, Dunn got pregnant with daughter Amber, although Dunn had the baby, older sister Meg didn't believe Dunn could raise the baby so Meg raised Amber. As a result of Meg raising Amber, Susie and Meg grew apart and lost contact until the kidnapping. When Dunn found out Amber was on that bus, she was even more determined to get the children back. As the agents work hard to get the children back, we see Meg and Susie's relationship grow and they become closer than ever. Close to the end we see Amber being introduced to "Aunt Susie" but are left on a cliffhanger as to weather or not Amber ever finds out who her real mother is.


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