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Mr. Nash (James Lafferty) is a main character in the NBC series Crisis. He is the teacher of the kidnapped children.



  • Amber Fitch

A relationship between him and Amber Fitch is hinted at when another student mentions that he witnessed Mr. Nash and another teacher having sex and Amber acts hurt by the information. ("Pilot") the relationship is confirmed when Amber approaches Mr. Nash while they are preparing the ransom money for smuggling, forgiving him for his affair before the kidnapping. Later when Amber returns from making the call to the phone the kidnappers planted for the FBI to find, she is obviously upset and runs into Nash's arms. This reveals their relationship to everyone as Mr. Nash comforts Amber. Ian Martinez is shocked and hurt by their relationship, as it is clear he harbors feelings towards Amber ("We Were Supposed to Help Eachother")

Memorable QuotesEdit

Season 1Edit

Nash dies in "How far would you go" protecting Amber from a guard, Amber then hits the guard over the head with a shovel killing him.

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